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IT Services in Miami, FL

Team Consultation - Manage Services in Miami, FL

IT Consulting

We are willing and able to help you compare products and solutions. Do you want to know how one backup software package compares to another? How about which tape drive will work best in your environment? Should you do SAN, NAS, a hybrid, or neither, and then how does one compare to another? What's the best way to archive your data? Which SRM product would be best for your environment? Our consultants and solutions architects are readily available to help clients and we technically evaluate choices and match the right solution to a client's business need.
Mobile Testing Data - Manage Services in Miami, FL

Mobile Integration

Do you want to ensure all the networked applications across your organization can share important data and business processes? Then you know the importance of enterprise application integration. Data integration solutions can provide quick, cost-effective ways to connect, communicate, and collaborate with trading partners while reducing operating expenses, boosting revenue and improving margins. Call Lurim today with any questions on how we can assist you and your business.
Computer Repair - Computer Services in Miami, FL

Computer Repair Services - Analysis & Performance

Having computer problems? Lurim can help in the computer repair and assist with data recovery, virus removal, system crashes, performance diagnostics, Windows re-installation & reload etc. We identify opportunities for added levels of efficiency and business value, create clear plans with defined steps for improvement, and implement world-class high-performance solutions.
Network Testing - Manage Services in Miami, FL

Network Services

Network Planning takes time and knowledge. Allow us to design or improve your future or existing Network. We are available 24 hrs, 7 days a week to help you with any critical needs. Contact Lurim today for details.
Project manager team work - Professional IT Service in Miami, FL

Data Protection & Recovery Services

The best protection from the disaster of losing your data is to have multiple versions, including at least one copy stored in an alternate location. This is the basic principle behind all backup strategies.

Many businesses have a backup procedure already in place. However, they may not be aware of the alternatives to their current expensive, manual, archaic, tape-based backup processes. With business operations so reliant on information technology, it is vitally important to identify alternatives that can eliminate vulnerabilities. In addition, it is important to utilize an effective data protection service that will allow you to quickly restore business operations.
IT Business meeting - Professional IT Service in Miami, FL

Business Continuity - Downtime is Not Acceptable!

As today's complex IT world becomes more vulnerable to disruptions, planning for business continuity has become critical for most businesses. Unplanned outages can take your business offline for days, and for some companies just hours of downtime can be fatal. It is essential for the survival of your business to plan for business continuity and develop contingency plans.
IT Business people find a solution - Professional IT Service in Miami, FL

Staff Augmentation

Lurim has a professional services group that delivers a range of technical services customized to meet our clients' needs. These services include critical assessments, architecture and design, hardware and software implementations, support and maintenance, training and Managed Services. We become a part of your team.
IT Global Strategy Connection Data - Computer Services in Miami, FL

We're Passionate About Building Long-Term Client Relationships.

Our strength of experience, certifications and superior execution have set an industry standard. We firmly believe in providing you with an exceptional services team. With deep expertise in business continuity, data centers, security and virtualization, we are a highly reliable, cost-effective extension of our clients' IT engineering resources.

Lurim's Service Cycle

Assessment - Visit & Data Collection
Set Goals -
IT diagrams, forecast, policies & budgeting
Identify Issues -
Customer feedback, experience, best practices & recommendations.
Corrections - Strategy, Change of Policies, Points of contact, cycle of support.
Arrive to Goal -
Reporting, Regular meetings, Ticket Evaluation
Maintain Goal -
Long term contract, maintenance & subscriptions.