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The reason for our success is our ability to perform partnerships with multiple entities and consolidate their products with our services in order to deliver the best possible IT solutions for our clients.

We provide a TURN KEY solution and have freed our clients from having to integrate their own systems.
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Why Is Our Model So Successful for Today and in the Future?

The majority of our market is flooded by technology vendors who are, in some cases, ineffective for some industries. In other cases however, they are well absorbed by other companies after a costly learning curve. The goal of these technology vendors is to sell at all cost! Due to the technically of these products it is sometimes difficult for the average consumer to identify their real need of the product versus simply an actual sale for the vendor. Unfortunately, by the time the customer has realized that this is a product that they really do not need, they are already on contract.

Lurim Technologies is the solution! We are here to fill the gap as a consulting company. As advisors, we partner with the business owners to protect them from unnecessary technology upsale. In essence, we remove the costly learning curve from the equation. We essentially become the IT department for our clients. Our functions include, but are not limited to, Planning, Implementing, Security and Maintenance of an IT department for medium to large businesses. We are a practical resource to help business owners identify areas where technology can be used to help them save cost and increase productivity, all while staying within their budget.

These services come without the usual overhead cost of an employee. Eg. salary, benefits and liability. The presence of the multiple technology experts on our team also overpowers the capacity of any in-house IT expert who may not be readily exposed to the ever changing technology world. We are also more capable than using the employees within an electronics store which has a small computer department.

Lurim Technologies has partnerships with most of the leading storage and content management manufacturers. Some of those partnerships are stronger than others and, yes, some of our partners are competitive with one another. Our role is as the trusted advisor to our clients and we take that responsibility very seriously. At the end of the day, we believe in using the right tool for the job, even if that means helping our clients source parts of solutions elsewhere.